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Here is one example how it works: A well known five star hotel in Colombo, located near the Galle Face, is well known for this. Almost any employee of a big hotel from Colombo knows somebody who knows somebody who can provide a room service.The "beach boys," or young males who work on the beach as tour guides and organizers of boat rides and other entertainment, are often also the providers of prostitutes.

Due to the civil and bank holiday, many amenities will be closed on Poya Days. There is also a ban on the sale of meat and fish and a ban on both the sale of alcohol, and the consumption of alcohol in public places.

In that case, the Sri Lankan military repatriated 114 of the peacekeepers, but none was ever jailed.

In fact, Sri Lanka has never prosecuted a single soldier for sexual assault or sexual misconduct while serving in a peacekeeping mission abroad, the AP found. officials update their records and reconcile data from old files.

All Poya Days are recognised by the Sri Lankan Government and so are marked with both a civil and bank holiday, throughout Sri Lanka.

All practising Buddhists within Sri Lanka meditate, reflect and put particular importance on the five precepts of Buddhism.

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