Political dating

Everything is going well on your Tinder date — until she mentions banning immigrants of an entire religion from the United States.Or perhaps you’re tired of going to your favorite artisanal locally sourced kombucha and hemp seed oil cafe and finding out all the cool baristas are feelin’ the Bern.In general, we find that stated preferences are a strong predictor of a behavioral preference for same-race partners, and that this pattern persists across ideological groups.At the same time, both men and women of all political persuasions act as if they prefer same-race relationships even when they claim not to.The first site to gain popularity, Bernie Singles was launched earlier this year and promises, or perhaps threatens, “The 1% are not the only ones getting screwed this election season.” Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders failed to get the Democratic nomination, the site boasts a community of 13,278 members and counting.

“It’s the worst kind of mixed marriage,” Williams said of the first couple.

Curious as to whether these sites were mere jokes or actual platforms for connection, I made a profile on each and scoured the sites for matches.

What I found was mildly disappointing but very amusing.

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference tends to draw a large crowd of college-age Republicans and has long been known as a party scene, where young conservatives can let loose.

So it wasn’t surprising to find that the first booth past the door of the exhibition hall this year is “Conservatives Only,” an online dating website strictly for those who lean right.

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