Intimidating shirts

In sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt (aka FUD) about the electoral process, Trump is engaging in a classic disinformation campaign.

During the early days of the Nazi regime, the SA carried out unchecked street violence against Jews and Nazi opponents.

“Oh, that’s interesting,” Lemons said on video after the altercation. ” Then the group stopped and one gun-toting bearded member wearing sunglasses asked to see Lemons’ credentials. Then he asked Lemons to “stop following us.” Lemons refused, telling the man they were on public property.

He told his supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania to go watch voters in "certain places" outside of their own communities, a piercing dog-whistle call to descend on non-white areas that vote heavily Democratic. People in Ohio talked openly about racially profiling would-be voters to intimidate them—a federal crime.

But it was eyed with suspicion by the regular army and by the wealthy industrialists, two groups whose support Hitler was trying to secure.

Against Hitler’s expressed wishes, Röhm continued to press for a “second Nazi revolution” of a socialist character, and he hoped to merge the regular army with the SA under his own leadership.

And from that day forward, I have not been in a suit and tie." His executive assistant confirms that he typically wears a "nice It was a big change for him.

Until that day about five years ago, Yellen used to always wear suits.

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