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The series also featured Crispin Bell (Simon Lowe) as the new headmaster, who replaces Byron, and proved to be far stricter than Byron.Mr Thorne was a brutal enemy of Josh and Dexter for the remainder of the series.The third series featured Nathan's proposal and marriage to Melanie Poppy (Laura Aikman), who both departed the series, and Josh is forced to share his room with his annoying younger cousin, Nero (Akai Osei).When the school burns down due to an issue with candles, Elmsbury is merged with another school, Fowlmere, renaming the school Elmsmere as of the fourth episode of the third series.The thirteen children who drew the lead characters will attend the premiere along with children from London schools who took part in the Tate Movie workshops, actors who voiced the characters and other famous names with their families.The vivid imaginations of the children who drew the lead characters really helped to propel the story to another level.In fact, our greatest players laughed up to 20 times as much as the children who played less.And play does not just give children joy, it is also "work".

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Josh is portrayed as a laid-back teenage schoolboy trying to maintain his cool reputation, while also being rebellious and trying to cause trouble in order to achieve his goals and humiliate or outsmart Nathan.

The Roundhouse Experimental Choir will also be performing throughout the building, listen out for their experimental acoustics and improvisations.

Buses 87 and 88 run between Tate Britain and Trafalgar Square, making it easy to hop between both locations for the ultimate art-filled day for all the family. It will also be shown at regional galleries over the summer and at the London 2012 Open Weekend event on Saturday 23 July in Trafalgar Square.

This event in Trafalgar Square has been made possible by BP.

Live Sites in Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Dover, Edinburgh, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea, Swindon, Waltham Forest and Woolwich will screen the film as part of the Open Weekend 2011 vast programme of activity that will see over 1,000 unique sporting and cultural initiatives taking place across the UK to celebrate the ‘One Year to Go’ countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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